Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are recommended for many countries and our appointments aim to provide you with information about these as well as advice on how to stay healthy when travelling as there are many hazards and diseases for which vaccines may not be available.
We encourage patients to make an appointment a minimum of 6 weeks before travel so we can discuss your travel arrangements, vaccine recommendations, malaria risks etc. You may need one or two further appointments for vaccines depending on your destination/ type of accommodation/ activities while away.

Please note the surgery only administers NHS travel vaccines, for which usually there is no charge. Other vaccines may be recommended and we will advise you about them and where you can access them from private travel clinics.

Please also note that we provide travel vaccines for patients registered with this practice only, we are not able to offer vaccines to temporary patients or patients from other surgeries except in exceptional circumstances which have been authorised by the practice manager.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the link below