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Local Services

Age UK
Please find detailed information on services offered by Age UK Here

Autism Unite

Autism Unite is for adults on the autism spectrum to provide a place to meet others to talk about common issues and to support and help each other.  To find out information about up and coming events please contact us:  Facebook: Autism Unite Barrow; Email: autismunite@outlook.com; Mobile: 07532 145558.

Over 65's and vulnerable adults

Neighbourhood care and Independence

Neighbourhood Care & Independence is a service mainly aimed at over 65’s but is also available to younger vulnerable adults who want to remain independent at home. We aim to provide a short term service to link individuals to local activities and services.
If you are looking for support to help you stay independent at home then we can help. Find out more about:

  • Equipment to support daily living including buying and hiring wheelchairs, commodes, grab rails and more
  • Practical support following a stay in hospital
  • Handyperson service for small repairs or DIY jobs in the home
  • Opportunities for sharing experiences, befriending and keeping involved and active in your area
  • Hearing aid maintenance
  • Volunteering opportunities to meet other people
  • Money – information on entitlements
  • Home equipment and adaptions to make life easier
  • Healthy living advice

Call the helpline today to find out more 0844 967 1885 or email: info@ncip.org.uk

Do you suffer with breathing difficulties such as asthma, emphysema or COPD? If so, please ask your GP or asthma nurse for a referral to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme.

At any time before or after the programme you can also join the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Support Group. It meets every Wednesday at St Marks Vestry Hall, Carlisle Street between 1pm and 3pm. Tea and coffee available, with non-compulsory light exercise. Any new members will be made very welcome.
For more information contact Mo on 07715 876435 or Val on 07896 179318.

Furness Carers

Do you look after someone?  Are you caring for a partner, relative or friend who needs your help with everyday living?  We offer free information and support on all aspects of your caring role e.g.

  • Carers Assessments
  • Respite Care
  • Aids to help with daily living
  • Counselling
  • Social/Leisure activities
  • A friendly “listening ear”… and much more.

Please contact us for more information

Telephone: 01229 822822

Email: admin@furnesscarers.co.uk

Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment Scheme
Pharmacists in Barrow, Millom and Dalton can give free advice and treatment* on a range of minor health problems

How does the scheme work?

All you need to do is register once with this scheme with the participating community pharmacy.

What will the pharmacist ask?

The pharmacist will ask you about your symptoms in order to give you the right advice. You will be asked about any other medication you might be taking.

The pharmacist will also tell you the best way to take your medicine and other ways to manage your ailments.

The minor ailments scheme covers a range of short term treatments. The pharmacist may need to send you back to your GP if more treatment is necessary or if they feel you have a condition that is not covered by the scheme.

If appropriate, the pharmacist will supply you with medicine to treat your symptoms.

What treatments does the scheme cover?

Digestive Disorders:
Infant Colic – Counselling only

In Pregnancy:
Coughs and Colds
Headache and Backache
Hay Fever
Head Lice

With counselling available where over-the-counter treatments are not available.

Pain and Inflammation

Mouth Problems:
Oral Fungal Infection
Mouth Ulceration/Inflammation
Oral Thrush

Hay Fever – Eye symptoms
Bacterial Conjunctivitis*
Dry Eyes

*children aged under 2yrs need to visit their GP

Vaginal Thrush
Fungal Skin Infection
Cold Sores
Warts or Verrucas
Head Lice
Crab Lice
Cystitis/Urinary Infections
Athletes Foot

Skin Allergy/Itch:
Hay Fever
Nappy Rash
Scalp disorders
Bites and Stings

Ear Wax

Nasal/Cough Congestion:
Hay Fever
Sore Throat

Coughs, colds and snuffles

Is the service confidential?

Everything you say to the pharmacist is confidential.

Will I need an appointment to see the pharmacist?

One of the great things about this scheme is that you do not need an appointment to see the pharmacist. You can just pop in when you need to.

Can I go to any pharmacy?

19 pharmacies across the Furness peninsula provide this service in Barrow-in-Furness, Millom and Dalton-in-Furness.

Pharmacies participating in Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment Scheme:

Asda Pharmacy

Asda Superstore, Walney Road

Barrow in Furness

LA14 5UG

Boots the Chemists

48-52 Wellington Street


LA18 4DE

Boots the Chemists Ltd

15-17, Portland Walk

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 1DB

Cowards Pharmacy

52, Hartington Street

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 5SR

Cohens Chemist

44 Middle Field

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 4BX

Cohens Chemist

Ainslie Street

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 5AY

Cohens Chemist

56 Settle Street

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 5HQ

Cohens Chemist

36 Dalton Road

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 1HY

Cohens Chemist

Friars Lane

Barrow in Furness,

LA13 9NN

Cohens Chemist

Community Centre Central Drive,Walney Island

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 3HY

Cohens Chemist

3, Anchor Road

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 2QW

Cohens Chemist

108, Duke Street

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 1LS

Cohens Chemist

62, Rawlinson Street

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 2DN

L Rowland & Co

43 Wellington Street


LA18 4DG

Lloyds pharmacy

75-77, Market Street

Dalton in Furness,

LA15 8DL

Tesco Instore Pharmacy

Tesco Extra, Corner House Park Hindpool Road

Barrow in Furness

LA13 2NE

Your Local Boots Pharmacy

54-56, Dalton Road

Barrow in Furness,

LA14 1JB

Your Local Boots Pharmacy

8, Risedale Road

Barrow in Furness,

LA13 9RD

Will I have to pay for my advice and treatment?

If you do NOT normally pay a prescription charge, pharmacists will be able to provide you with advice and/or medicines for minor conditions FREE of charge.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the treatment or service you have received from this scheme; or if you have any comments, complaints or feedback for this service, please let us know by informing the pharmacy involved.

Health advice

For health advice or information concerning your medication please contact your local community pharmacy, GP surgery or visit NHS Choices website www.nhs.uk .

Private Physiotherapy

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Case Management Team
Case Management is a service within the integrated care community that seeks to improve the health and well-being of people living with long-term conditions. Case Managers and Care Navigators visit people in their own homes and carry out holistic health and social care assessments. We seek to identify needs and work collaboratively with other community services to achieve a more co-ordinated and timely response to your needs. We receive referrals from GPs.
We work collaboratively across health, voluntary and social care. Typically we will be involved in your care for a period of about 6 – 8 weeks, and then discharge you to the care of your GP. There is opportunity for you to re access case management if any needs arise but this would need to be done through your GP.

Case Management Aims
• To help you access services that make life easier.
• To enhance your well-being and promote quality of life.
• To help you understand any long-term conditions you may have and manage these well.
• To avoid inappropriate admissions to hospital.
• To promote and facilitate your independence.
• To enhance the care that you receive in your own home.
• To work with you to understand your medications.
• To discuss and document at your request the things that are important to you and your future.
• To develop a personalised care plan which supports your self-care.

Who are the Case Management Team and what will they do?
We are experience nurses and non-clinical care navigators who work closely with yourself and your family and other health and social care professionals to co-ordinate your care in times of particular need, for example after a hospital admission.

We help to make sure your wishes are heard, so you can feel in control when decisions are being taken about your health and well-being.

We promote access to local resources that you may not otherwise be aware of. We listen to you and prioritise what is important to you.

Why have I been referred to Case Management?
Often people with a number of conditions find it hard to manage. You may have times where you feel unwell and need extra support.

We are there to help you to feel better, manage any problems and ensure your health is as good as it can be. We aim to promote care in the community and closer to home where possible.

Book an appointment with your GP or contact the Case Management Team on 01229 402578 for further information.

Maternity Services